Real life testimonials for Deca PT

Steve Bushell

Dave is great motivator and mentor to me. He has provided me with a weekly training plan for over 12 months now and my swimming cycling and running have all improved.
I have competed in numerous challenging and events including Ironman Wales and the Liverpool to Manchester Ultra marathon. I always find the services that Dave provides me extremely helpful and the advice Dave provides me with when trying to maintain a positive mental attitude, it’s reassuring that he can appreciate and understand the highs and lows of training and competing as he has vast knowledge and experience. I appreciate all the support and guidance he has given me and feel very relaxed in his company. If your looking for a training plan that is backed with genuine support and advice when you need it then contact Dave you will never need look anywhere else.


Liz Garnett

Dave has been my trainer for many many years. Without him I would stay in bed on Saturday mornings with a cup of tea and a book. He has made me get motivated and I would confidently say that I am fitter now, at 60 (!) than I was 10 years ago! He also carefully tailored my recovery following a big ski accident that needed a lot of time and patience. All back together now and pushing to be back on the slopes. Thanks Dave for everything and Good Luck with the Deca!!!!


Wendy Heyes

Whilst Dave is clearly a world class athlete and more than qualified to train us mere mortals – he has a very gentle way of getting the best out of you (but he can bring out the tough love when needed…). Highly recommend anyone to engage with Dave! He trained me and ran a marathon with me (my one and only) – amazing guy!


Dave Gaskell

Dave helped me train for Ironman UK 2018. We started the plan in January and Dave looked carefully at where my fitness levels were and what my goal for the race was. He supplied me with a plan every Sunday based on the previous weeks progress, which I would then work into a schedule to fit around work and other commitments. He was always available for advice and guidance throughout and helped me prioritise activities when my circumstances changed and I had less time available. He was there to offer encouragement and would challenge me to push myself when he thought it was needed. Importantly though, he helped provide perspective when I needed it so I didn’t neglect the other important things in life.  With Dave’s help I beat my race target time by over 30 minutes, including an 8 minute PB for my IM swim. I was really pleased with the result and put it down to the structure and the training expertise I was given. Since the race I have started a new plan with him targeting my first (stand alone) marathon.


Nigel Woodger

I started training with Dave in January 2011, the aim was to work in the gym on general fitness, that soon changed when we Dave persuaded me to start running. Dave was inspirational, my running confidence increased and in April 2012 Dave and I ran the Paris Marathon, an experience of a lifetime. To this day Dave inspires me and although he’s a world renowned ultra-athlete he is willing to continue ‘ordinary’ people, like me! Great guy!!


Matthew Mollart

I started getting coached off Dave in October 17 in advance of taking part in Challenge Roth in July 18.  I had competed in a few long distance triathlons previously but my training had lacked focus and any attention to detail, which is why I got in contact with Dave.  Dave’s coaching and weekly plans has brought my fitness on in leaps and bounds and I have never been fitter, with more gains to come. With his help I have taken 16mins off my previous best Ironman swim time.  Dave’s knowledge and experience is second to none, I always feel he is giving me sessions from a place of knowledge and understanding, which is something I really appreciate.


Georgina Walker

I didn’t think I was a good enough runner to have a coach, especially one of Dave’s calibre and world class experience but once I met Dave I saw that he took my running seriously! With his bespoke training plans Dave has helped me achieve my goals and race targets.  I’m very grateful.


Rob Dart

I went to Dave 3 years ago with the idea of running an ultra. I had only taken up running the year before and anyone else I discussed my aspirations with thought I was crazy! Dave, however, was encouraging. He did point out it would take some work but, if I was willing, he was sure we could make the leap. Over a 6 month period Dave gently guided me into the best shape I could be in to start my first ultra and I completed it comfortably with a smile on my face throughout the race. Ever since then I have been back to Dave for advice and coaching. He is extremely knowledgeable and always makes time to speak to you. Dave isn’t just an exceptional athlete, he is a fantastic coach as well as a really nice bloke.
Warrington Youth Club
Dear Dave,

I would like to thank you for the service you have provided to some of the staff and volunteers involved with Warrington Youth Club over the past six months.  The Boot Camp has been a fantastic opportunity for those that have chosen to or been able to become involved.  The manner in which you delivery these sessions are both sensitive and supportive and the term Boot Camp almost does a disservice to way you run the sessions.  Thank you for the donations that you have made on an ongoing basis to Warrington Youth Club as you are aware the charity strives to work with over 2000 children and young people and we need to generate over £500,000 each year to support this number of young people.  On a more personal level I would like to thank you both for the support and focus you have given me to focus on my own fitness, something which is a real struggle in the wider context of work life balance.  I also wanted to formally thank you for the transformation, that you have assisted with, in on one of the younger members of staff.  As you will be aware when she started Boot Camp she had weight issues and had been referred to a weight management specialists.  Not only was the weight an issue but her confidence was severely affected.  Since starting the Boot Camp and changing her diet, she has lost over three stone and weight and become far more confident and reassured.  She was a really competent member of staff and all that held her back was confidence.  Since losing weight and increasing her confidence she become more effective in her role and seems to be a generally happier person.

Thank you, David McNicholl – Chief Exectutive