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Dave offers coaching for running or triathlon. Dave’s particular specialism is long distance triathlon coaching. Dave offers two different Coaching Packages depending on the goal. The majority of my athletes are on the Coaching Standard Plan which covers coaching for races up to Ironman distance however for athletes working towards a double Ironman or further or other Ultra events I have a Coaching Ultra Package.

Dave did the first ever triathlon in the UK in 1983 and has been competing regularly for 35 years. This means Dave has unrivalled experience at all levels of triathlon, having been an Elite GB Ironman Team member ( PB 8 hrs 58 mins) and a decent club runner with a marathon PB of 2 hrs 35 mins. At first, Dave used to finish near the back of fields , so he knows what it takes to improve. He did his first double Ironman in 1999 ( finishing 1st) and has since done 5 Doubles, 10 Triples and 100 x Ironman Distance in Deca Ironman Races.  This has given Dave a wide experience of training and racing for all distances and he know what it takes to get fitter and faster and how to survive the unpredictable nature of Ultra events.

Dave does not give out generic training plans , but works individually with his athletes, monitoring every session and working collaboratively around their other life commitments of work and family. We all like to have our efforts acknowledged and Dave’s number one priority in his coaching is to build a relationship of mutual trust and understanding. Training is based on whether an athlete just wishes to complete a particular race with a low level of regular training or whether they want to compete to the maximum of their ability.

Dave’s athletes also get to follow his training on Garmin Connect or Strava , so they know that he’s not asking them to do things that he doesn’t do himself. Dave find that this serves as excellent motivation, especially when they know the high level at which Dave competes in his 60s.