Dave’s Achievements

I completed my first marathon in Paris in 1981. Since then I have done many marathons with a best time of 2 hours 35 mins at Manchester in 1997. Most recently I completed the Manchester marathon in 2014 in 3hrs 0 mins and the Liverbird marathon in 2 hours 57 minutes.

I did my first triathlon in 1983 and finished my first Ironman in 1988 in Roth, Germany in 10 hours 16 mins. In 1995 I was a member of the GB Elite ironman Team of 4 that won the Silver Medal at the European Champs and in 1997 I did my fastest Ironman in 8 hours 59 mins.

In 1999 I moved up to Double Ironman , winning my first race at the distance in Holland and in 2002 came 3rd in the European Champs in 20 hrs 35 mins at Neulengbach in Austria.

Since then I have done the Triple Ironman 9 times in Germany and also the Deca Ironman ( swim 24 miles, bike 1120 miles, run 262 miles) twice in Mexico, where in 2010 I finished in 2nd place in 239 hours.

In 2011 , I ran 1357 miles in 30 days from London to Rome in support of Cure Parkinsons and also came 3rd in a 10 x Ironman race in 10 days in Sicily.

In 2012 I attempted to be the first 50 year old to go under 9 hours for the Ironman Distance, but finished 2nd in the Midnight Ironman at Dartford in 9 hours 30 mins.

In 2013 I was entered for the 30 x Ironman race at Lake Garda in Italy , but broke my collarbone on the final training ride 5 days before the race.

In 2014 I have done the Manchester Marathon , broken age-group course records at the Parkruns of Delamere, Cheltenham and South Manchester. I came 8th overall in the City to Summit race in Scotland in 13 hrs 54 mins ( swim 2.4 miles in the Firth of Forth, bike 112 miles to Glencoe and run 27 miles including an ascent of Ben Nevis) and also 8th overall in the half- Ironman race at Cholmondeley Castle , beating all V50 and V40 competitors.

At Ironmanuk in Bolton on 20th July, I won my age group to qualify for the World Champs in Hawaii on October 11th. Following that I will compete in Mexico in a 10 x Ironman Distance Triathlon in 10 days race.

In October 2015 I won the World Deca Challenge in Leon, Mexico , beating the 2nd place competitor by over 10 hours.

In August 2016 , I won the Double Deca Ultra triathlon in Switzerland ( swim 48 miles, bike 2240 miles , run 524 miles) in 252 hours, beating the 2nd place competitor by 23 hours. In doing so I set a new world record for the distance . Every day for 20 days we swam 2.4 miles, cycled 112 miles and ran a marathon.

Also in 2016 I came 4th in the Sandstone trail race ( 34 miles) , setting a new age group course record and won my age group ( 5th overall) in the inaugural Liverpool to Manchester 50 mile trail race.

I hope that my results serve to inspire and motivate others. I strive to challenge perceptions of performance capabilities of people in their 40’s and 50’s. People often feel in their 30’s that their best sporting days are behind them. I try to inspire them to realise that all things are possible and that the mind is the most limiting factor, not the body. I have taken great pleasure from crossing the finish line in 2 marathons with clients, helping them to achieve a feat that they had not thought possible. I like to support clients in realising their potential.

In 2016 it has been a special experience to share regular Parkruns with my grown-up children Sam and Harriet