Dave Clamp ….. Deca Pt in 60 Seconds

I am a Personal Trainer and I feel very privileged and lucky that my job and my passion are one and the same thing. I like to make a difference in the quality of people’s lives.

I train people one-to-one either in their own homes or at a gym. I have trained people aged 13 to 75, ranging from elite athletes to people recovering from major surgery. Everyone has the capacity to improve their level of fitness and my job is to help people in that process, whether their ambition is to run a marathon or simply to lose a few pounds and look better on the beach.

As a schoolboy, I was the slowest runner in my class and yet I became a member of the Elite GB Ironman team in my 30’s. This means that I understand what it’s like to make the journey to a fitter and more healthy lifestyle.

I also train people in groups , which is cost effective and adds camaraderie. I know that I have helped to inspire and motivate people to achieve things that they thought were impossible for them.

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